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National Coverage  National Coverage Yes
24 hour Tele-fix  24 hour Phone Support Provide 24/7 advice about your vehicle’s operations and an attempt to mobilise your vehicle (with a detailed diagnosis where possible) if it has broken down at roadside. If your vehicle is unable to be mobilised over the phone, an appropriate service provider will be dispatched to assist with mobilising and providing a diagnosis of the vehicle fault.
Battery Issues  Battery Test your vehicle’s battery performance, jump start the flat battery or arrange for a battery replacement. Battery replacements will be at your expense.
Out of Fuel  Fuel Provide sufficient fuel (petrol or diesel) to enable travel to the nearest available refuelling facility, or alternatively, towing to the nearest authorised repairer.
Flat Tyres  Flat Tyres Change of flat tyre with your vehicle’s serviceable spare or, if necessary, tow your vehicle to the nearest authorised repairer.
Lost/Locked Keys  Lost or locked keys Provide reasonable assistance up to a maximum of $150.00 (inc. GST), subject to proof of ownership, for the following services:
a) deliver your spare key to you;
b) arrange for you to retrieve the spare key, if this is more practical; or
c) access your vehicle (requires a signed consent and indemnity form).
In all other situations where the key is not available, your vehicle may be towed to the nearest authorised repairer and access to the vehicle gained via appropriate methods. We will not be responsible for any damage incurred as a result of gaining access or moving your. All additional costs are at your expense.
Bogged Vehicle  Bogged Vehicle Arrange to recover your vehicle, provided reasonable and safe access is available to a conventional two-wheel drive recovery vehicle and no other specialist equipment is necessary. Should specialist equipment and/or towing become necessary, services may be provided at our discretion, but all additional costs will be at your expense.
Towing  Towing If your vehicle requires towing because it cannot be mobilised at roadside and/or requires electronic diagnosis, we will arrange to tow your vehicle to the nearest authorised repairer. If the breakdown has occurred outside of business hours, we will store your vehicle at a secure facility and deliver it to the nearest authorised repairer the next working day.
Taxi  Taxi If your vehicle cannot be mobilised due to a mechanical breakdown, and requires towing to the nearest authorised repairer, we will provide one taxi ride (per breakdown), to a maximum value of $100.00 (inc. GST), to enable you and your passengers to continue your journey to the nearest town or within the same city where the breakdown occurred.
If your vehicle is immobilised by a breakdown for more than 24 hours and you are more than 100 kilometres from home, you are entitled to the following services:
Emergency Accommodation  Emergency Accommodation If your vehicle is immobilised by a breakdown for more than 24 hours and you are more than 100 kilometres from home, we will provide three (3) nights of accommodation up to a maximum of $150.00 (inc. GST) per night if you decide to remain with your vehicle while it is repaired locally, or if alternative transport is unavailable. This benefit may be extended for up to two (2) extra nights if vehicle repairs have not been completed and you wish to stay with your vehicle rather than continue your journey. Any amount charged in excess of this limit will be at your cost. This benefit provides room only and excludes all ancillary costs such as meals, phone calls, laundry etc.
Vehicle Rental  Rental Vehicle In addition to the three (3) nights of emergency accommodation, we will provide a rental vehicle for up to three (3) days at a limit of $100 (inc. GST) per day. If you do not elect the emergency accommodation option and prefer to continue your journey whilst your vehicle is being repaired, we will provide a rental vehicle for up to five days to a limit of $500 maximum (inc. GST). Any amount charged in excess of this limit will be your responsibility.
Any fuel costs, toll charges, insurance excess reduction, excess kilometre charges, any traffic infringements, damage and excess or insurance waivers on the rental vehicle will be at your cost. Rental vehicle benefits cease on the day your vehicle has been repaired. If the driver’s licence history or age will not allow the rental company to provide a rental vehicle, the provision of alternative transport will be at our discretion to the same maximum comparable rental vehicle cost.
If a rental bond cannot be provided by the driver at the time of securing the rental vehicle, we will not provide the rental bond, but at our discretion, may provide alternative transport in lieu of a rental vehicle to the same maximum comparable hire car cost. Provision of the hire car is at the discretion of the rental company.
Alternative Transport  Alternative Transport In the unlikely event that either accommodation or rental vehicle benefits are unavailable for any reason, alternative transport will be provided to you and any passengers travelling in your vehicle to enable you to return to your home or intended destination up to $450 (inc. GST). Any amount charged in excess of this limit will be at your cost.
Vehicle Recovery  Vehicle Recovery Arrangements can be made for your vehicle to be transported to your home or intended destination following repairs in the event it was immobilised by a breakdown which could not be repaired the same day, and you have left your vehicle to continue your journey to your intended destination. Alternatively, return transport can be provided to enable you to pick up the repaired vehicle.
Accident Coordination  accident coordination Arrange towing and provide advice on standard accident procedures. We can also coordinate alternative transport at your expense to enable you to continue your journey. All accident towing and alternative transport costs will be at your expense. N.B. these costs, subject to payment of any excess, may be recoverable from your insurance company under an appropriate insurance policy.
Ambulance Cover  ambulance cover If you have requested ambulance services in the event of an Accident, and you do not have ambulance cover, we will reimburse you $100 (inc. GST) towards the cost of any ambulance call outs, provided you have contacted Land Rover Roadside Assistance first and requested our Accident Coordination service. To claim the reimbursement, you will be required to send a copy of the ambulance receipt to us within 60 days of the Accident Coordination call.
Emergency Message Relay  emergency message relay Following a vehicle breakdown or accident, we will relay urgent messages to your family, friends or business associates who may be affected by the disruption or delay.
Legal Advice  legal advice Legal advice on matters arising from the use or ownership of your vehicle may be provided by phone. The advice will be conducted confidentiality by telephone and does not extend to personal interviews, written advice or the preparation of briefs.
Medical Advise  medical advice Medical advice from a qualified nurse or doctor is available 24 hours a day to drivers and/or passengers whilst travelling in your vehicle. This extends to direct family members if they are travelling with you or if they are at home while you are travelling. Any costs associated with treatment or transport is at your expense.
    Price: $180.00 (inc GST)
    Please Note: A 24 hour turnaround time applies. You will only be eligible to access your Roadside Assistance benefits 24 hours after your receipt is issued.